Author: Prit Thakkar

👌 OK Emoji – Copy it!

The Ok emoji represents an ‘It’s all okay’ expression or ‘Yeah, that seems good’ type of expression. People often use it instead of saying ok and whenever they feel they are okay with that thing. The okay emoji is used to show agreement on a particular topic. Ok Emoji: 👌 [pw-clippy caption=COPY]👌[/pw-clippy] People tend to use Ok

Middle Finger Emoji

Copy the middle finger emoji: The best way to tell someone to buzz off is by using the middle finger emoji. People often use it to curse someone or something that they don’t like. It is the most used emoji among mostly the teenagers to express their anger on someone. It is by far the

Ghost Emoji

Find your Ghost emoji: Whenever we see a ghost emoji being used, we feel like it depicts some horror. Originally it was created to express horror in the emoji list but later on it people tend to use it as a fun symbol -as in, just for fun. The ghost emoji meaning is basically a

Angel Emoji Copy & Paste

Copy your Angel emoji: A rarely used but kinda creative emoji in existence is the angel emoji. It is also known as halo and is not widely used as the other emojis or symbols but it is used quite a times by the people who love it. This emoji is used to express the feeling

Black Heart Emoji Copy & Paste

Copy the Black Heart emoji: This Emoji has been the favorite emoji for the emoji lovers since its release. This heart symbol-like emoji has remained the personal favorite of the youth. Often people have been wondering about the Black heart emoji and what does it mean to indicate.For those folks out there who want to

Fire Emoji -Copy & Paste

Copy your fire emoji: The Internet slang to express something as ‘lit’ is the fire emoji. It has become the most favorite emoji on the Internet in recent times. It is always on the recent emoji list on everyone’s smartphone. The Fire Emoji meaning is used to indicate hotness. Fire Emoji:  🔥 [pw-clippy caption=COPY]🔥[/pw-clippy] The fire emoji has been

Crown Emoji -Copy & Paste

Copy Your Crown Emoji: There’s been a lot of fuss about the crown emoji on the Internet again. So here I am, providing you all with the new emerging emoji the crown emoji. Recently the craze for the crown symbol is clearly visible on the Internet, where everybody is just using this using the emoji in

Copy & Paste Shrug Emoji

Get your Shrug Emoji‍: For everyone that’s wondering how do these people on the internet make a shrug emoji, the answer is right here. You also can now make the shruggie and show off to other people on the internet. The shrug face or the emoji which is known as shrug emoticon is very popular nowadays and is

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