Dab Emoji- Copy it!


Here’s your Dab emoji: The most trending and the most awaited emoji nowadays is the Dab emoji. Ever since the trend of the Dab did come out, (obviously the trend setter was Migos) people have gone crazy with the Dab. It has often been associated by the bottle flip challenge. People do the ‘Dab’ after they have successfully completed a bottle flip.

Picture of the Dab Emoji:

Dab emoji
Picture of Dab emoji

The Dab Emoji is also known by these names:

  • The Dab.
  • Migos Dab.
  • Dab B*** Dab.

The Demand to create a Dab Emoji:

The people on the Internet have since a long time been demanding a Dab emoji but still it hasn’t been created. Let’s hope that it’s created soon!


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