🎮 Emuparadise has all the Retro Games that You Can Play Now!!

For Gamers who love retro games, the ultimate place to find such games is the Emuparadise. It has a huge collection of Roms, Isos, and Games. And the best part of the site is that you can play all these games in your browser! Additionally, Emuparadise has a huge collection of gaming music, guides, comics, magazines and a lot more. Emuparadise has a huge Gamer community where people from all around the world interact.

The most renowned platform for game Iso’s on the Internet is EmuParadise. It has the most populated gamer community in the world. The site has a very large and encompassing download database of retro video games, Emuparadise GBA, and all other games.

About the History of Emuparadise:

MasJ, the site owner of EmuParadise launched the site on 27th March 2000. Firstly, it was known as Emulation Paradise. The site had many N64 Roms which attracted a lot of visitors per day to the site. MasJ had put up a staff request on the site then, and Sarcast (formally known as Viper) joined the team. The team had two more members before Starcast, who were Aaron and James Bond who eventually left. They both wrote reviews when they were around, and some of their reviews are still there.

Starcast and MasJ started working on the site and added many more roms and gave the site a brand new design. At that time, the site was hosted on Hypermart, which provided them with free hosting. MasJ wanted to move to a paid hosting but due to the backing out of the investors, they had difficulties. Later on, the site started having 45k hits and 15k visitors a day, so due to the high bandwidth usage Hypermart also backed out.

emuparadise psp
A picture of a game from the site

So the site had to face many up and downs, but in May 2001 Cypher(who joined in November 2000) and MasJ decided to work on the new design. Sadly, due to the server being down all the time, the people couldn’t see the new design. But, the message board was up and it went viral. The people started looking forward to the site. So Starcast and the team started working on the site and finally after 5 months of downtime, the site was now up like never before. Now, the site has become a huge platform for all the people who love Retro games.

About the Founder:

In the introduction on his site, the founder says, “he is ‘Da Big Boss’ around this joint. But can’t really be any sort of a boss without people to boss around”. The founder also says that his second love is Basketball. His favorite player is  Iverson. The founder says he can play at all positions play as a controller, a power forward, and a defender. But he has never liked playing the game on PC. Here are some of his favorites:

  • Favorite Song: Guns N Roses – November Rain
  • Favorite Game: Chrono Trigger
  • Favorite OS: Linux – Mandrake
  • Favorite Company: None, I like OpenSource (a strong supporter of the Open Source Movement!)
  • Favorite Site: Zophar
  • Favorite Cartoon: The LeoGeo2 & Skinner 8 show (aired on our channel). Earlier I used to like the emuhouse and Fredricos show 🙂
  • Favorite Movie: Matrix
  • Favorite Series: uhh.. don’t watch much TV, is Simpsons a series? 😉
  • Favorite FOOD: mmm… anything that walks (non-vegetarian :).
  • Favorite Place: The Throne (if your English is good, you’ll know what this means)
  • Favorite Attitude: Sarcast
  • Favorite Hangout: A joint called #emuparadise
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball(pretty obvious).
  • Favorite OC Remix: A track called “Chrono Trigger, The New Zeal”, you’ve got to check it out!

Check out these video tutorials if you want to know how to play those retro games on your PC and Android devices. From this video tutorial, you will understand how to get PSP ISO’s to work from EmuParadise PSP:

For those who don’t know how to play these Retro games on their Android devices, here’s a tutorial on how to play Emuparadise GBA on Android:


So, now you very well know about the history of EmuParadise. You also know about the founder MasJ and his favorites. In this post, I have tried to explain to you how the founder and his team created Emuparadise, also how many ups and downs the site faced while coming to the position the site is now on. Also, I gave you video tutorials on Emuparadise GBA emulation tutorial and Emuparadise PSP games tutorials.

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