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10 Top Emojis and Their Meanings

Emojis are an amazing and expressive way that people communicate today. Many people these days have relationships with multiple people where they don’t even use words anymore! It’s almost like hieroglyphics of the new age. Here we’re going to hash out the top 10 emojis used on social media used today, what they mean, and how they are used.

1. 🔥 The Flame Emoji

Ah, the infamous flame emoji. This is one of those emojis that has multiple interpretations. Within those interpretations, it has even more interpretations. In the context of commenting on a social media post, it means something is “fire". “Fire" is a slang term meaning that something is good, cool, or otherwise appealing to the person who is commenting. One flame emoji means it’s pretty fire, 3-4 means is super fire, and any more than 6 means something is extraordinarily fire.

The flame emoji could also be used to show excitement about something. In the context of making a social media post about an event or a new purchase, the poster is using the flame emoji to show their excitement about the event or what they just purchased.

2. 😂 The Laughing Emoji

This is basically the replacement for “Lol". Even though it looks like a crying face, it really is just a symbol to show that someone is laughing. It works in ascending amount of laughter based on how many emojis are placed.

😂 = Lol

😂😂😂 = Lmao

🤣😂😂😂🤣 = Rofl

As you can see above, the more laughing emojis that are placed, the more the person is indicating that they are laughing.

3. 💀 The Skull Emoji

The skull emoji also means something very different than the way that the emoji looks. The skull emoji in most contexts means “I’m dead." I’m not sure how this came to be, but “I’m dead" means that something is so funny and you are laughing so hard that you feel like you are going to die. It’s the same as the old expression “dying laughing". Usually just one skull face will suffice, because this one emoji means something is so funny that you can’t express anymore how funny something is. Nonetheless, people still use multiple skull emojis at times to show how dead they are.

4. 💯 The 100 Emoji

The 100 emoji has many different meanings based on the context. If someone give you a compliment and you put the 100 emoji, it typically means thank you. If someone says something that you deem to be true or factual, you can use the 100 emoji to show that you agree that what the person said was true or factual. Many times people will make a statement followed by the 100 emoji to show that they are firm with what they said and to represent that what was said is facts.

5. 👿 The Demon Emoji

The Demon Emoji also has many different meanings. If you are flirting with someone and you put the demon emoji, you can sometimes get away with a more provocative statement if you include the demon emoji. It shows the person that you are just being facetious and not creepy. The demon emoji can also be used to show that you are generally up to no good. Sending the demon emoji directly to someone without context could be seen as a threat. It can be used to let someone know that they are an enemy.

6. 👀 The Looking Emoji

The looking emoji can be used in a flirty way as well. If someone posts a picture on social media that you find attractive, you can comment the looking emoji to show them that you are checking them out. If you are posting something interesting or shocking on social media, you can use the looking emoji to show people that see your post that you are shocked or interested by what you posted and that they should be too.

7. 🍑 The Peach Emoji

The peach emoji is a very flirty and provocative emoji. It can be used to express female buttocks or genatalia. Sending this emoji directly to a female specifies explicit intent and vice versa. Be sure to have significant rapport with someone before sending this emoji or it could come off super creepy.

8. 🍆 The Eggplant Emoji

This emoji is very similar to the peach emoji and that it is very flirty and provacative. Conversely, this emoji is used to express male genatalia. Males can send this to females, females can send this to males, females can send this to females, and males can send this to males. They all mean the same thing. It is a way to express sexual intent to another person. Usually there is more humor with this emoji, and it is a little more lighthearted than the peach emoji. You can probably get away with sending this one with a little less rapport, but probably not to a complete stranger.

9. ❤️ The Heart Emoji

This emoji has probably the most obvious meaning out of all the emojis we have discussed to so far. The heart emoji is basically used to show love for someone. If you are sending it to someone directly it means “I love you". If you are commenting the heart emoji on someone’s post, it may not necessarily mean you love that person, but it shows that you love their post. There are many different colors of the heart emoji and they all mean the same thing. Many times girls will also randomly put heart emojis on anything for no reason and with no meaning at all.

10. 💔 The Heartbreak Emoji

This emoji obviously means the opposite of the heart emoji. It is used to represent heartbreak. Usually during breakup posts on social media, people will put the heartbreak emoji at the end of an unusually long post to show that it is officially over. This can also be used in a sarcastic way to show that you are upset about something.

There are hundreds of stock emojis that come with android, iPhone, MacBook, etc. , and there are even thousands more that can be downloaded from the internet. These are only the top 10 emojis used on social media, as you learn how to use these you will also learn how to use many more in a variety of contexts.

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