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5 Amazing Emoji Facts You Should Know

Long before the invention of the internet and the coming of what’s now called the “digital age", everyone can only express their emotions through words in their letters. But now, we are long past those days. Just take a look at any of your social media platforms for a while and you’ll notice these little icons that could be depicting people, animals, emotions, and all other stuff.

These are called emoji and it’s pretty easy to say that they are probably the best or worst landmark left by the digital age depending on how you love or hate to use it. There are even translators for emoji meanings to guide you in how to correctly use them to avoid awkward situations wherein you might use the laughing emoji while giving condolences.

Whether you like them or not, emojis will surely be here for a longer time and in this article, we have compiled 7 facts about these iconic little icons.

#1 Emoji icons are strictly maintained

Although anyone can create their own emoji, it does not mean that everyone’s emoji could be published. There’s also the question of whether the emoji you created is truly necessary and if it is relevant to the majority of the people in the world and not just some inside joke that you and your circle of friends understand.

Hence, there was a need to form an organization to answer all of those concerns. For emoji, the Unicode Consortium is the one who took that task. It’s a non-profit organization based in California that handles and standardizes all the things related to Unicode, which is where emoji belong as well. If not for them, the emoji you see on your phones might not be displayed properly on your computers and other devices.

#2 There are over 3500 emoji

As of the writing of this article, the number of all the emojis accepted and published by the Unicode Consortium has reached 3,521 according to Unicode v13.1 and this figure is projected to increase by 217 in 2021. For the detailed breakdown of emojis, please see the list below:

Smileys & Emotions – 156

People & Body – 2049

Component – 9

Animals & Nature – 140

Food & Drink – 129

Travel & Places – 215

Activities – 84

Objects – 250

Symbols – 220

Flags – 269

Just keep in mind that these are only for the standard Unicode. For other apps such as Facebook or Skype, they have their own sets of emoji that may not exist in the Unicode emoji set.

#3 July 17 is the World Emoji Day

If you look at the calendar emoji on your phones, you will notice that it shows the date “July 17". Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia noticed this too back in 2014 after seeing the said emoji on his iPhone. This led him to create what is now known as World Emoji Day which is an unofficial holiday celebrated every July 17th of the year.

It gained enough traction and now, almost every major platforms have modified their calendars to depict the said date. Even the tech giant Apple had made use of this date to showcase their new emoji as well as announce their future emoji expansions for their very own iOS.

#4 You can use emoji for your domain name

If you can’t think of a proper domain name for your websites, why not use emoji? Yes, you can actually use emoji for your domain names but do not try it out just yet. There are actually just a few top-level domains that are available for you and it needs you to map it out on ASCII first then convert it to a character using Punycode to display it properly.

Lastly, not all web browsers may be able to display emoji on their address bar so you have to consider that as well before attempting to try it out for yourself.

#5 You can track Twitter's emoji usage in real-time

Although there is no official study conducted on the most popular emoji in the world, it’s easy to track the most popular emoji used in Twitter alone. Surprisingly, according to the most popular Twitter emoji tracker site, the “face with tears of joy" emoji claims the throne for the most used emoji on the said platform and is followed by the “heavy black heart" emoji.

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