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Copy your Angel emoji: A rarely used but kinda creative emoji in existence is the angel emoji. It is also known as halo and is not widely used as the other emojis or symbols but it is used quite a times by the people who love it. This emoji is used to express the feeling of reaching heaven. Whenever someone is happy, he/she often uses this emoji to express his/her feeling. The angel emoji is also a symbol of peace according to some people.

When should you use the Angel emoji?

When was Angel Emoji oficially released?

The Angel emoji came to be officially recognized when it was accepted in the Unicode 6.0 and when it was officially added in the Emoji 1.0 in the year 2016. The angel emoji can also be referred to as the peace emoji. By the details mentioned in the above post, everything one needs to know is covered in this post. The Angel emoji has its own personal place in the ‘frequently used emoji list’ from people all around the Internet.

Picture of an angel emoji

Picture of an angel emoji

The Angel Emoji is also known by these names:

  • Angelic Emoji
  • Little Angel
  • Innocent Smiley

Similar emoticons include:

Curious about the history?

To learn things about the history of emojis, have a look at this article we published. Check it out and you will discover how these emoticons were invented and why they even exist. You can also look forward to our post “The Emoji Pipeline" where you will see the steps images go through to be accepted as emojis.

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