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The bright red block with letter ‘B’ written in white is said to represent blood type. Also, some of them believe that it is a short form of Brother used as a slang in kinship slang. The B emoji is also used to represent, according to some people the  Bloods street gang. Moreover, some people also use it to replace the letter b in some words.

The best time to use the B emoji

1: How’s it going B?
2: Good B, you?

You can also use this emoticon instead of a regular B. Think of it like those big letters in old books, the B emoji is basically a ‘drop cap’.

When was the origin of the B emoji?

In the year 2010, the B emoji came into existence and afterward in 2015 it was added in Emoji 1.0. Hope you are now cleared and have no doubt regarding the word b emoji because I have tried my best to explain everything about the topic in this post.

Picture of b emoji

Picture of b emoji

Other names people might call this emoji

The B emoji may also be known as:

  • Blood type B / Type B
  • Negative Latin Capital B
  • Capital B

Are there more letter emojis like this?

There are several other emojis that contain letters just like this one. You can see and copy them all on the letters page.

More details about emojis in general:

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