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100 Emoji – Copy it!

100 emoji: In this emoji, the number one-hundred is written in dark red color and underlined twice to depict intensity. The 100 emoji has been originated from the teachers in Japan used to

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Angel Emoji Copy & Paste

Copy your Angel emoji: A rarely used but kinda creative emoji in existence is the angel emoji. It is also known as halo and is not widely used as the other emojis

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Ghost Emoji

Find your Ghost emoji: Whenever we see a ghost emoji being used, we feel like it depicts some horror. Originally it was created to express horror in the emoji list but

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Fire Emoji -Copy & Paste

Copy your fire emoji: The Internet slang to express something as ‘lit’ is the fire emoji. It has become the most favorite emoji on the Internet in recent times. It is always

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Dab Emoji- Copy it!

Looking for your Dab emoji? The most trending and the most awaited emoji nowadays is the Dab emoji. Ever since the trend of the Dab did come out, (obviously the trendsetter was

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Crown Emoji -Copy & Paste

Copy Your Crown Emoji: There’s been a lot of fuss about the crown emoji on the Internet again. So here I am, providing you all with the new emerging emoji the crown emoji. Recently

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B emoji Copy & Paste

Copy your B emoji: The bright red block with letter ‘B’ written in white is said to represent blood type. Also, some of them believe that it is a short form

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