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There’s been a lot of fuss about the crown emoji on the Internet again. So here I am, providing you all with the new emerging emoji the crown emoji. Recently the craze for the crown symbol is clearly visible on the Internet, where everybody is just using this using the emoji in chats, online forums or may it be their Instagram bio. However, many use the crown emoji in front of their names which clearly gives a royal feel with just the use of the king emoji before or after their names.

Did you know this about the crown emoji?

The shortcode for it is :crown: which can be used in most devices to add the crown emoji.

The crown symbol is for sure going to be hyped more and more as the trend on the internet increases. Be sure to bookmark the site to Copy the crown emoji to save time.

How long has the crown emoji been around?

The history of the crown emoji is that it was listed in the Unicode 6.0 in the year 2010. Also, years later in 2015, it was added in the Emoji 1.0. The emoji is now trending on social media like fire. You can see a picture of it trending on Instagram.

Picture of a crown emoji

Picture of a crown emoji

Other names for the same thing

People might also be using the crown to say

  • King / Queen
  • Royal Emoji

Other emojis like this

There can only be one king, one queen, one crown.

What is there to learn about emojis?

You might be wondering why these little images are so interesting. Don’t worry! We have articles that go into detail on history and fun facts. Check these out.

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