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The Internet slang to express something as ‘lit’ is the fire emoji. It has become the most favorite emoji on the Internet in recent times. It is always on the recent emoji list on everyone’s smartphone. The Fire Emoji meaning is used to indicate hotness.

Is it fire to use this emoji?

The fire emoji has been the most actively used symbol or emoji used on Snapchat. Also, the streaks on snapchat have this emoji. People use it in many ways like:  Dude that is lit🔥🔥, Omg, you look hot!🔥, Seriously dude that car was smoking hot🔥

About the creation of Fire emoji

Like many emojis, the fire emoji came into existence when it was accepted in the Unicode 6.0 during 2010. Later on in 2015 it was also added to Emoji 1.0.

Picture of a fire emoji

Picture of a fire emoji

Other names for this hot stuff

People might call this

  • Hot emoji
  • Burning emoji
  • Hot Streak emoji
  • Lit emoji

Similar emojis and meanings

There is many ways to say that things are hot, but only one fire emoji.

Interesting points from history

As the emoji connoisseur that you undoubtedly are by now, you might be curious about how it is that we have emojis in the first place. Then I recommend these blogposts.

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