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Whenever we see a ghost emoji being used, we feel like it depicts some horror. Originally it was created to express horror in the emoji list but later on it people tend to use it as a fun symbol -as in, just for fun. The ghost emoji meaning is basically a white color ghost-like symbol. The ghost emoji is the main symbol or logo for Snapchat. We can see it everywhere in the snapchat app. It is also used as a snap streak for maintaining the streaks with the people.

When a ghost emoji is appropriate

Use this little guy whenever you are referring to something spooky or scary. Maybe during spooktober and halloween.

When did the ghost emoji appear?

It was officially accepted as a part of the Unicode in the year 2010 and many years later, it was accepted in the Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Picture of a ghost emoji

Picture of a ghost emoji

Other names for the Ghost Emoji

People usually just call it Ghost, but I’d like to start using:

  • Spooky emoji
  • Boo emoji

Similar emojis to the Ghost

Similar emojis can be found in the halloween section. It is also used similarly to the skull emoji.

More details about the world of emoticons

Have a look at this history article, or why not learn some amazing facts about emojis.

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