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💪 Muscle Emoji – Copy It!

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A Muscle Emoji you can copy

The most favorite emoji for the fitness guys and the bodybuilders is the Muscle Emoji. They use it often to express strength and superiority. Moreover, it is also used a symbol of ‘power’. Biceps have always played a major role in men’s physique and people love to flex their biceps.

Conversiations where the Muscle might be useful:

When did the Muscle Emoji come into existence?

During 2010 the Muscle Emoji was added in the Unicode 6.0 and later on in 2015 it was added to Emoji set 1.0. Now you know a random piece of information about this biceps emoji.

Picture of the muscle emoji

Picture of the muscle emoji

Other names for the Muscle Emoji:

The Muscle Emoji is also known by these names

  • Flexed emoji
  • Biceps Emoji
  • Feats of Strength.

Which emoticons are similar to this one?

Since this one depicts a persons arm you might guess that there are emojis of other body parts as well. You’re correct! Have a look at the body parts page to see them all.

Curious about the background of emojis?

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