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What is this OK emoji?

The Ok emoji represents an ‘It’s all okay’ expression or ‘Yeah, that seems good’ type of expression. People often use it instead of saying ok and whenever they feel they are okay with that thing. The okay emoji is used to show agreement on a particular topic.

How the Ok Emoji is used

People tend to use Ok emoji in different kind of conversations like: Q: How’s this man? Reply: It’s cool👌. OK bye.

When was the Ok emoji created?

The Ok emoji came into existence in the year 2010 from Unicode 6.0 with the name of ‘Okay emoji‘ and later on it was added into Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. Here, I have covered all that I know about the okay emoji and its existence on the Internet. Read on more posts to know about other emojis.

Picture of the ok emoji

Picture of the ok emoji

More names for the OK Emoji

You might hear it referred to as

  • Fine emoji
  • Ok bro

More emojis like this

There are several emojis that invole hands and gestures. There are even some face-based ones that have hands.

More insights concerning emojis

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