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A symbol of horror and a similar face of death in the emoji world is theΒ skull emoji. It is an emoji in the form of a human skull. People often confuse it with the skull and crossbones emoji. They both are totally different and should not be misunderstood.

When should you use a skull emoji?

Only when you want to be a spooky scary skeleton, of course.

When was the Skull Emoji first used?

Based on our research, this skull emoji was included in Unicode 6.0 which was released in 2010. Later on, in 2015, it was also accepted into the Emoji 1.0 set. Keep reading to learn more about the skull.

Picture of a skull emoji

Picture of a skull emoji

Two eyes, one nose, several names.

TheΒ Skull Emoji may also be known as:

  • Death Emoji
  • Grey Skull
  • Skeleton emoji

Similar skeleton emojis

We don’t have any information on more skeleton emojis, but you might want to check the Halloween page of our emoji-catalog.

More information for the curious mind

Here is some recommended reading if you are interested in learning more about how emojis came to be.

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