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The less used but kind of creative or I might say that fascinating emoji that exists is the star emoji. The people on the Internet do use this emoji now often then later. Some people also can say it as the glowing star emoji or the shooting star emoji. It is generally used for visual flair.

When is the star emoji used?

Stars are usually associated with reviews, for example when you rate something out of 5 stars. It may also be used to emphasize a message or for visual flair, as mentioned above.

When did the star emoji enter the Unicode?

In the year 2008, the Star emoji was accepted in the Unicode 5.1 and later on, after 7 years it was added in the Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Picture of a star emoji

Picture of a star emoji

Other names for stars

The Star Emoji is also known as:

  • Star
  • Yellow Star
  • Medium Star.

Similar icons to the star emoticon

You can find similar emojis in the sky / weather category.

More details about the development of the star emoji

To get a bit more information about how emojis came to be, read our history post.

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